About Radacini Estate

Part of Radacini Grup, Radacini Estate develops complete real estate projects. For every residential complex we develop, we make every effort to provide additional comfort and elegance, while the decisions regarding the design concept and the quality of the materials used always favour the client. We are dedicated to the concept “lifetime customers“. Radacini Grup directs its efforts to ensure that its current and future customers are fully satisfied with the services and products offered. Because this sustained experience to satisfy the customers’ needs is the basis of the entire group.  The automotive division of the Radacini Grup is one of the largest one in the Romanian automotive industry, while the group is also present in the construction equipment and vocational training sectors.

Radacini Estate stands by your side.

Our mission is to become the first choice for real estate services customers, providing them modern and elegant solutions, with added comfort and quality. In all our daily interactions, both with our customers and with our suppliers or our own employees, we strengthen relationships based on equity, respect, trust and professionalism. We are keen to succeeding in everything we plan. We are dedicated to the real estate domain in which we activate and constantly try to learn everything about successful real estate projects, technical innovations and the way they can positively influence the lives of our customers.